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Glass Display Units

We have a vast selection of Revolving showcases in the UK market. Free standing Glass Display Units in various sizes to suite our clients. Giving you a huge selection to chose from. We have Glass cabinets from 50cm to 125cm wide, the Towers showcases are available in all the different ranges . The Glass Display Units are available in all glass or Aluminium frame with or with out storage at the bottom.

Our range offers light as an option. The lights can be on the top or the side depends on what is required. We do recommend some light as it enhances the product and it’s a great eye catching display. We carry large stock on some of our product and we aim to delivery goods on time as we understand the retail market , as we have over 25 years experience in the retail industry. All our showcases offer different function on security style and design of our clients area.

We also offer adjust ability on the shelves on all display cases. This is optional on most display cases and counters but some display cases like the New Gems has this already. Colour Option on Glass Display Units are mainly Cherry. Gray. White. Black. Leather also on large orders we can produce the colour of your choice.

Our customer service dept will be please to help you on the best display for your products. Over 25 years experience in this market.