Glass Display Showcases
Glass Display Showcases Glass Display Showcases

Glass Display Cabinets

PlanetDisplay Ltd are please to offer a great range of glass display cases and showcases

for all your display needs.

PlanetDisplay supply a wide range of Glass display cabinets, display cabinet, glass

cabinets, display counters as showcases trophy showcases and display units.

Just look at vast collection of display showcases cabinets and shop counter. Great product

at very comparative prices.

All our collection have been used in pubic places like hospitals. Shopping centers, Retail

shops. Also supplied to private homes , Gift shops and garden centers.

All our collection are supplied with locks, Lighting and most of the glass is toughened.

At PlanetDisplay we carry some stock of the VFM range for quick delivery. So for a

great product and quick delivery call our sales who will be very happy to guide you

through the different range and give you our expert advice on which Showcases would be

best for you.

With over 25 years experience this fields the only name to remember is PlanetDisplay a

company with great reputation and service.

Glass Display Showcases

Looking for cheep glass display showcases. Budget glass display cabinets. Our VFM,

value for money range.

The product is cheep but the quality still remains high. All products are made and

certified EEC standard.

Great selection of display cabinets showcases, trophy cases. Glass showcase and shop

display cabinets.

The range is vast from 90cm high unit to 200cm high free stand cabinets. And width from

40cm to 157cm double display cabinets. All available with or without lighting and option

of side lighting as well. We also have a small collection of revolving display cabinets as

well, this is perfect for window or in-store display.

At PlanetDisplay we carry some stock of the VFM range for quick delivery. Great

product and quick delivery call our sales who will be very happy to guide you through

the different range and give you our expert advice on which Showcases would be best for


With over 25 years experience this fields the only name to remember is PlanetDisplay a

company with great reputation and service.

Shop fittings systems

Shop fittings systems

Planet display have a standard range of  Garment hanging systems.

Garment Rails

A range of heavy duty black Garment rails, from 4ft ,5ft and  6ft long. Also available add on middle sliding bars and height extensions to create two levels for saving storage space.

Accessories available . card holder. Extra large wheels Cross arms fro display.

Ring Stand

Revolving round garment hanging rails for shop display. The rings come in three sizes 24” , 27” and 30” diameter. Available in black or chrome top finish.

Free stand shoe rack

Four tear all black shoe rack comes flat packed.

Display rails

All chrome three arms and four arms Rails with straight arms and waterfall arms.

Bag Display Rail

Two tier bag Display rail in all chrome with adjustable arms.

Lingerie Tower

All chrome free standing Lingerie tower with sixteen straight arms which are adjustable heights.

Twin slotted system 2001

This system is consist of twin slotted uprights which fix to the wall with accessories , D shape rails , zig zag rails back bars and front facing arms . All I meter wide that creates a great display very quickly and can be changed at an instance. All available for stock.

Grid Wall system ( mesh system)

All chrome grid wall system  consist of grids which are 2ft wide and come in 4ft ,5ft,6ft, 7ft and 8ft height grids which can be fixed to the wall or free standing. All accessories available straight sing hooks straight arms, waterfall arms d shape rails. Also a selection of wire baskets for those small items. This system is so adaptable for all kind of use from  retail shops to exhibition use to market stalls. And trade fairs. All available from stock.

Slatted wall system

At planet display we have a large selection of accessories for slatted system. chrome finish arms and hooks  with d shape rails glass and wood shelf brackets. Also a selection of wire baskets for those small items. All from stock.

Just look a the full range on our website

PlanetDisplay Offering personalized service

Glass Display Cabinets :- We hold stocks for quick delivery of Glass Display Showcases, Shop Display Cases, Retail counters, Glass cabinets, Revolving display cases, Counter Top Cases, Wall Display Cases, Retail Shop Cases, Glass Display Units, Revolving Showcases, Display Cases, Jewelry Display cases. Trophy cabinets, Tower Showcase, Curved Glass Showcases.

Garment Hanging Systems:- Hanging garment systems. Widest range of clothing rails, straight rails, all lanes 4.5.6ft Black and Chrome. Feature Chrome rails, rails Revolving, 4-lane adjustment arm, tie rails, rails industrial factory

Hangers: – Large selection of wooden and plastic hangers for Women. Men and children hangers. Light and heavy items. Black satin covered padded hanger, Black Non Slip Clips suspension, Chrome Trouser suspension, non-slip suspension Knitwear, Knitwear suspension. Jacket hanger.

Display Mannequins Torsos and Forms :- Our wide range of Children’s mannequin and torso, bust forms of display, hands-screen, female mannequins and torsos, flexible mannequins, mannequin head, lower legs. Invisible Mannequins, jewelry displays, mannequins and forms men, Taylor and bust forms of display.

Shop Fittings :- At Planet we display a selection from the range of assembling,
Wall mounting strips. Single-arm hooks and waterfall, glass shelf brackets, hanging garment rails, Euro hooks, Grid Accessories Wall. Grid system, single hooks, baskets, arms bent, arms straight. Shelf Brackets, Baskets. foot basket, stacking baskets, dump bins, baskets, baskets in the Stand. Gondola merchandising display units. Slats wall standing display units.

POS. Posters and Tickets: – Sales signs, signals special offer. Sale hanging cards, window cling signs, clothing labels, price gun, Guns marking, labels, posters Blue X and bills, documents. Tagging gun needles, nylon wind screen, Strung tickets, ticket sales and special offers stringing.

Acrylic Displays :- Stands and brackets, Fashion and Accessories Displays, Clothing display stand, high pedestal and Bridges, cabinets and bins, trays and containers, holders of tickets and cards to jewelry

PlanetDisplay is Hansons of Leicester Ltd. A family business with over 25 years of experience in the retail sector and the screen. Offering personalized service.

Curve Showcases and Counters

Our great selection of Curved Display Cabinets, Round Glass Cabinets and Curve Display cases are unique in design.

These rounded Glass display Cabinets come in as few designs. With this exciting curved glass which is now available at very comparative price.

As the production of round glass has become more comparative the prices are decreased and affordable for any home and business use. Just look at beautiful curve on the glass and internal lights which gives the sparkle to any of your products and adds extra value to the retailer.

The added feature is the shelves are suspended on a wire cable which is fixed to the to and bottom of the unit to unable you to adjust your shelf at any height you wish to move the shelf and the second added feature is the light are fixed to the suspended wire. All this standard on this Curve 1 and Curve 2 range.

We offer three main colors Cherry, Light Oak and Wange we can produce other colours on quantity orders.

The range comes Flat packed and very east assemble but at planet display we do offer insulation service.

Planetdisplay offering great product at very comparative Prices.

Just look at the range

Planetdisplay Suppliers of Shop Fittings, Display equipment to the Retail industry

Offering the following products

Glass Display Showcases.
Glass display showcases counter, Tower units, Retail counters, Jewellery Cabinets, Revolving Display cases.

Garment Hanging Rails
We supply heavy duty garment hanging rails, Feature display all chrome rails with straight arms or slopping arms, Also supplying round ring stand great space saving, Great product for home and business use. In Stock available.

Grid Wall Mesh System
This is ideal for any business looking to display products; The Grid panels come in various sizes. From 4ft up to 8ft tall and can be fixed to a wall or can be free standing with option of hanging single hooks to sloping ball arms. Also available are shelf bracket and shelves and a selection of baskets. Great and very versatile product. Ideal fro exhibition use. All products are chrome finished.

Shop and Reception Counters
We at planetdisplay have on of the largest selection of glass counter. Just look at the selection. Our have a vast price range to meet any ones pocket. The selection range from solid counter great for cash and wrap to all glass Units for ceramics to jewellery. Lighting is available for most of the glass display counters.

Slatted wall Fittings
We supply full range of fitting for slatted wall system from single hooks to slopping ball arms notched arms, shelf bracket. Glass shelf brackets. All available in chrome finish.

Our collections of hangers are mainly wood and used for display your merchandising. Using a correct hanger for display your garment is essential as the garment will look 100% better. Create a great display using a correct hanger’s essential which give value to any product.

Log on to our website and see our latest offers.

PlanetDisplay The Display People

Suppliers of, Ladies Men’s and Children’s Mannequins display form and Torsos

A vast range of models to chose from full display Mannequins with wigs also in stock mannequins with sculptured look giving your shop and interior display giving your garments an edge for selling.

It’s very important to make sure you choose the correct look for your display as now there are so many ranges and look available on the market. Make sure you choose the correct mannequins for your display.

Over the last 25 years the trend has not changed except the quality of mannequins have got much better, and the product are easy obtainable as the internet has give us this great future were we can find product all over the word by just clicking on your computer.

It’s very easy to buy a mannequin on line, but the thing is which one will you go for? Is the price important issue? Or are you looking for a particular look?

When you are looking at a window you know in a split second if you are going to go in or not when some thing catches your eye. That is just the first step of getting a sale.

Window display is the most important tool for any retail shop, create a great display with planet display. We will give advice and that’s not going to cost you any thing.

Let us help you create a better display. We know our business. We are the display People.

With 27 Years experience in the industry

Log on to our website and see our latest offers.

Glass Display Showcases

VFM Light showcases and counters

VFM Glass display showcase. Retail display. Counter. Revolving display cases. Shop counter. All
Available with top lights and side lights .

This range of all glass display cases, consist of Display counter at 90cm High and tow units up to 220cm.
The units come in very width from 40cm up 157cm long available with storage base. The range also offer
Top lighting and side lighting, giving your product that perfect display.

Quality is our main priority and the VFM LIGHT gives you a good quality product at very affordable price.
Using the quality toughened glass. Door Hinges and lock are all chrome plated. Locks are standard on all of our ranges.

The range is available in three main colours Cherry, Gray and Wang’e (dark wood) all laminated wood finish. We carry the cherry finish in stock and all non stock items.

The range of shop display cases, counter. Glass cabinets are used in business, schools and private
Collectable at home. Great product at very competitive prices.

That’s our price promises
We guarantee if you can get any of our cases cheaper any ware else we will refund you the difference.

We carry stock on some of the VFM LIGHT display showcases and tower display units for quick delivery, on non stock items we can delivery this 4 to 6 week from order.

web site on www.planetdisplay

Planet display has a vast range of product, Look at our new exciting website

Just look at our cast range of products on Great product at very comparative prices.

• Display Mannequins / Torsos / Forms
• Display Visual Merchandisers
• Glass Showcases & Counters
• Shop Fittings
The range of display Mannequins is vast just look at the quality and design Female , Male and Children’s Mannequins and lots of different posed available. We cater for all types of business from sports shop to high fashion shops for there casual wear to stylish formal wear. Giving you that eye catching window and interior display.

Display Visual Merchandising. Bringing you new ideas from acrylic display creating great display for any products. From jewelery display. Card holders, Fashion and accessories displays, Foot wear display, Cubes and the list goes on .

Glass Showcases and Counters . PlanetDisplay has a vast selection of shop display showcases and glass display counters. All our rages consist of counter, Wall display cases, Tower units and Revolving Display showcases. All Product are designed and quality checked and all the glass is toughened.

Shop Fittings, Our selection of shop display fitting range from Garment hanging rails , Grid Mesh display system, Slatted wall system . Aury Glass Display system . All system are multiple use for all your need. The grid Mesh system can be adapted for exhibition or trade fair use, very quick and easy to put together. As to the slatted wall system we have free standing range , again it very versatile for any of your display need. The Aury is excellent Glass display system which can be adaptable in office home or business . free stand display system.

Look at some of our ranges on You Tube

Planet display is a family run company based in the midlands with 25 years in the display Industry.

Glass Showcases from planetdisplay in Leicester, UK

Glass showcases

We are an established company but exciting expansion with 25 years experience in the world of print and accessories store.

Glass Display Showcases

Glass showcase for everything you will have in stock including Jewelry, Cameras, Toys, Antiques, Watches, Art Material, Books, Shop Fitting, Clocks, Photographs, Picture Frames, Mirrors, Clothes, Kettles, Office Equipment, Phones, Glasses, Mugs, Cups, Pens, Scissors, Knives, Forks, Spoons, Radios, Thimbles, Teddy beards – in fact you name the product we will have a suitable display cabinet that will meet your every need.

Our range of glass display cabinet made up of cash and wrap the other hand, the vision of the perfect view of half meter and the meter is suitable for general use. Buy whole windows. It seems to forget on the wall or display case rotating display, which are ideal for window display and interior.

The range is extensive and offer a wide selection of design. Each range offers a wide range of glass counter counter display unit most large free storage.

Lighting is optional on all display case with transom and sidelights as well.

Our windows of the curve are very unique in design not just take our word for it see the full range on our website.

With 25 years experience in this area, we guarantee that our prices on all windows.

Our product is fully furnished with a guarantee for an entire year.