Glass display Showcases and Glass Display Counters from planetdisplay. We at PlanetDisplay Ltd have a vast range of display and storage system.Our range of Glass display Showcases , come a range of designs and finishes. Just look at the vast range of shop display cases , Glass display units , Shop counters and wall mounted cabinets . Which we are specialist in this field and our sales team will be very happy to guide you thought the range. All the range have option of top and side lights and also we have a rage of revolving showcases with top lights, great eye catcher for in store or window display. Our range of garment hanging and storage system. We have a great selection of Garment hanging rails , for storage and feature rails for in store display. All available in black and chrome finish. With a selection of garment hangers as well in plastic and wood creating a great visual display. Window and in store display Mannequins. Again a great selection of Female, Male and Children's mannequins and display bust forms all from our stock for quick delivery. Planet display have also a standard range of Shop Fittings and Display Equipment, from slat wall fittingGrid mesh system and twin slot wall fitting, Each range offers a different look and can be free standing wall mounted. Our best selling system the grid mesh system is used for many application and quick to build a great display. For all your display and storage need under one roof. Planet Display promises to delivery a good reliable service at very competitive price.
Glass, Shop, wall display cases, cabinets, hangers and retail counters Glass Display Showcases
Wall display cases, acrylic slotted wall fittings
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Garment Rails
Glass Display Showcase 140H (8/14)
Wall Display Showcases
Glass Display Showcase
Roma: Glass Counter Display Showcase 91H
Glass Display Showcase 180H
Curve1 - Glass Counter Showcase 94H

Shop counter, Countertop cases, All glass counter Glass cabinets, 6ft rails, 4ft rails
Welcome to Planet Display - We don't just build displays. We build your image!

Planet Display working with major well known names in the display and exhibition industries in the UK, giving you a large selection of display ideas. We are one of the largest stockiest of Glass display Cases and Shop Display Fittings in the UK. Attention to quality and steady innovation, with the latest ideas and materials has allowed us to create unique products.

Planet Display Suppliers of Shop Fitting Display and POS products for the retail industry. Our products range from Showcases and Counters which needs to allow customers to see the merchandise while offering functionality for any business Security is an additional issue for valuable products. With our Glass Display Showcases or Glass Display Cases we provide lock as standard.

Childrens mannequin, Display Visual Merchandisers, Jewellery Display Retail display stands, Male Bust forms, Wooden Hangers
Stacking baskets, Trouser hanger
Chrome Grid Wall Systems
Chrome Grid Wall Systems
Curve-1 Glass Showcases
Curve-1 Glass Showcases
Curve-2 Glass Showcases
Curve-2 Glass Showcases
Display Mannequins / Torsos / Forms
Display Mannequins / Torsos / Forms
Garment Rails
Garment Rails
Glass Showcases & Counters
Glass Showcases & Counters
New Gems - Showcases
New Gems - Showcases
Shop Fittings
Shop Fittings
Slatted Wall ™ System
Slatted Wall ™ System
Uno Glass Rotating or Revolving Showcases
Uno Glass Rotating or Revolving Showcases
Uno Glass Showcases
Uno Glass Showcases

Glass Display Showcases and Counters

PlanetDisplay has a vast selection of shop display showcases and a vast selection of glass display counters. All our rages consist of counter, Wall display cases, Tower units and Revolving Display showcases. Let me tell you a little about each range. The Easy cash and wrap counter are available in Maple and white. The collection comprises of solid counter, Half Glass and All glass Counters with corner. Counters come in 1200mm and 1800mm long units . Great Idea at affordable prices.

Glass Display Cabinets

A great range of display showcases counter and wall display units. Each range has a selection of Great design for all your display needs. All glass showcases and Aluminum frame showcase. Easy Counter. Great for check out counter very strong and durable solid counters. New Gems Showcases. Uno, Roma, VFM and Curve range Offering an exciting range of glass display showcase for all you display needs. All ranges offer counter units, Counter top units, Tall free standing showcases and wall mounting Showcases with top or side lighting on most of the display units with option of colours to choose from

Shop Fittings

Planet display have a great selection of standard Shop fittings Items Garment Rails, Slatted Wall Display, Grid Wall Mesh System, Gondola Merchandising units, Garment Hangers Stacking Baskets and Aury Display System From garment rails slatted wall fittings hangers to a full display system Aury.


Just look at the vast selection of hangers Ladies, Men's and Children's hangers. Light and heavy garments. Black Satin Covered Padded Hanger, Black Non Slip Hanger with Clips, Chrome Trouser Hanger, Non Slip Knitwear Hanger, Knitwear Hanger and Jacket Hanger.

Display Mannequins, Torsos and Forms

Great selection of Ladies Men's and Childrens Display Mannequins Torsos and Forms. The collection has a vision for all your display needs with a vast selection of Full Mannequin , headless Mannequin, Torsos with or without bases. Wigs and a selection of accessories for all your display needs. Not forgetting a large selection of Jewellery display .

Acrylic Displays

Acrylic display aids are great product which help you display you items and as the acrylic is clear it helps to keep the eye on the product rather then the display aids. Great selection Easels and supports, Fashion and Accessories Displays, Footwear Display, Pedestals and risers. And showcase and Cubes.

Easy Counter

The Easy cash and wrap counter are available in Maple and white. The collection comprises of solid counter, Half Glass and All glass Counters with corner. Counters come in 1200mm and 1800mm long units . Great Idea at affordable prices.

New Gems Showcases

This is an exciting range comprising with Counter units, Pedestal Display units and free standing Jewellery display cases. All available in various sizes to meet any of your requirements. This system allows you to adjust your self, Light available under each shelf and on top for the tall units.

Uno Glass Showcases and Counters

The frame less Glass display cases. Exciting new design and classic designs, Just look at the new colour options. This range is made up of shop display counter, tall 180cm showcases with or with out top lights and also a great selection of revolving display cases All systems can be supplied with side lights as optional. This system is made up with 6mm and 8mm Glass

Roma Showcases

Roma is an wooden frame showcases very durable for transporting and moving around. A selection of counters and tall display showcases. With frosted at the base for storage. Wheels are standard and option of colours and Lighting available.

Genova Showcases

Collection comprises with table top display showcases, Shop Counter all glass and solid Units, 140cm display showcases, showcases 180cm with or with out top lights and revolving showcases. Vast range and colour's to choose from the frame less unit come with wheel under the base on most of the units except the table top units. Glass is 6mm and 8mm thick. Options side lighting and adjustable shelf tracking available on this system.

VFM Light Glass Showcases & Counters

The VFM .Value For Money range is great affordable collection. This collection available from stock on some of the popular items. The collection comprises with Glass shop counter, 140cm tall units, 180cm tall unit with or with out storage , revolving showcases and wall hanging cabinets. All system is available with or with out top lights and side light. All the glass is 5mm thick and all glass is toughened. Great product at very comparative prices.

Curve 1 Glass Showcases

This excellent Curve 1 Showcases are in a league of they own. This collection comes with counter and tall display showcases. Suitable for any residential or commercial use. This range comes with side lights as standard. Available colours are Light Oak, Cherry or Wange (dark wood). The shelves can be adjusted as per your own requirement. The difference between this and curve 2, This range dose not have wheels as the base has been designed to take feet.

Curve 2 Glass Showcases

This excellent Curve 2 Showcases are in a league of they own. This small collection comes with counter and tall display showcases. Suitable for any home or business use. This system come with side lights as standard. Choice of colours Light Oak , Cherry or Wange ( dark wood ). The shelves can be adjusted to your own requirement. The difference with this and curve 1 is this system has wheels hidden under the base so this can be moved when required.

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Retail shop cases
Gridwall system, Wooden Hangers
Glass Display Showcase 130H (4/14M) - PD1704
Revolving display cases
Glass Showcases 183H - PD1522
Genova:Counter Display Showcase 80H - PD1666
Glass Display Showcase 180H
Genova: Glass Display Showcase - PD1919
Glass Counter Display Showcase
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